Friday, February 1, 2008


Principals Have Out Lived Their Usefulness


Fraud waste and abuse will not be tolerated.

Wasteful and fraudelent spending will no longer be tolerated within Colubia Public School District!


Top Heavy Administration Must Go!

If you are on the Columbia Public School payroll and you are not instructing students your position / contract can be earmarked as expendable and not renewable.

The foolishness will stop when I become a Board Member of the Columbia Puclic School District!


Mizzou's Educated Derilicts

Education unto itself is not a virtue for the world is full of educated derelicts.

The University of Missouri has provided the Columbia Public School District with an endless supply of educated derelicts!


Gays and Lesbians Have No Place In Our School District

To be homosexual or lesbian is a conscious choice made by adults to give approval to decadent sexual behavior that is not socially acceptable.

More gay and lesbian people have self identified and on numerous occasions have tried to get married and receive the same level of acceptance as straight heterosexual couples.

Same sex marriage is not legal in any state except Massachusetts. This is not Massachusetts this is Missouri gay and lesbian marriage is not legal here!


Human Resources Department

Dr. Mary Laffey’s staff is all female. When you go to the CPS web site and look at the human resources staff there is an obvious absence of male employees. Is this a co incidence? I think not. It appears we have a man hater on our hands.

To discriminate against a person because of their sex is against federal law!


Dr. Chase $200,000.00 Salary (For What!)

Many of my constituents are asking me why Dr. Chase is being paid in excess of $200,000.00. Exactly how has she improved the lot for Columbia Public School students?


Dr. Chase, Improvement or Digresson

The state of the district has been negatively impacted since the hiring of Dr. Chase. We the taxpayers expected the situation to improve but instead we now have fewer minorities on staff and in the faculty and there seems to be no concern or plans to reverse this downward spiral.


Missourian Reported Regan Palmer Less Than Truthful

Regan Palmer (UMC-Student) did not report accurately.

Click the following link to review the email sent to Ms.Palmer


Welcome Everyone!

Hello Folks,

It's that time of year again.

Yes it is true I am a school board candidate once again.

Thanks to all of voters who supported me in previous elections.

Hang On Here We GO!

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